Hi, I’m Paras Soni

Kings Tattoo Studio is one of the leading tattoo designer studios where you get extremely creative designs at affordable prices. This tattoo studio established by the Mr. Paras Soni in 2014. Getting a tattoo is a big deal. Whether it’s a classic or unique design you simply love or a picture or symbol that marks a meaningful event in your life, bagging the best tattoo design is a long and sometimes difficult process.

Here, we’ve pulled together some encouragement that’ll help you choose the tattoo design that’s good for you. Here you can any type of tattoos designs such as the tribal tattoos, mandala tattoos, dragon tattoos, cross tattoos, skull tattoos, geometric tattoos, anchor tattoos, animal tattoos, and couples’ tattoos etc. Each of the categories contains more traditional tattoo designs, as well as quirky original ideas. Here you can get inked your favorite designs that you love with full of ease.

Tattoo Materials:

  • Tattoo Needles: Pre-Sterilized Tattoo Needles will be taken out from sealed packing in front of the customer. Also, needles will be trashed in front of the customer after completion of Tattoo;
  • Ink: We use pre-sterilized organic permanent tattoo inks from world renewed tattoo supply companies;
  • Tattoo Machines: We use a fully automatic coil and rotary based tattoo machines;
  • Gloves: Medically approved tattoo gloves are used during the whole tattooing process;
  • Tattoo Machine Nib/Tip/Grip Extension: Disposable Quality;
  • Tattoo Stencil Making: Hectograph Sheet made specifically for tattooing purpose is used for making tattoo stencil;
  • Tattoo Marking Pen: Sterilized Marking Pen specifically made for tattooing is used in our studio;
  • Lubricant: Medically Approved Lubricant along with the mixture of A&D; Ointment is used during tattoo making.

Clients Say


Got my first tattoo done at Kings Tattoo Studio today and couldnt be more happier,it looks super super good.Also the process was not too painful and all hygiene standarts were followed.Paras is an amazing tattoo artist and his portfolio speaks for itself,but he’s even better human being.Genuine and honest.When i said my budget,instead of going with the highest price,he asked for about a half of the amount,after listening to what i want!That says everything.And you can trust Paras with anything.Super lucky that was able to get my first tattoo here.You probably cant find better value anywhere.Love and respect, Paras!

Justas A

Best tattoo designs

Great work and good quality of equipments…..

Shubham verma

Great Artist

Sanju soni

Awesome Work

Ajay soni

Amazing tatto artist

Best tatto artist in jaipur 😍

Sanju soni

Great work

Great artists in Rajasthan


Best tattoo artist


Smart Artist

Amazing, humble but smart artist. Very reasonably priced and prompt services. Very important: genuine equipment and imported needles and ink. Highly recommended.

Ravin S

Had amazing experience

Had amazing experience here. Magnificent look of tattoos.

Bipin Tiwari

Mind-blowing work

Mind-blowing work was done by paras…..thanks it’s lovely…

Neelam Agarwal